The Percussor

Percussive therapy is a gentle treatment approach for muscle and ligament problems and related myofascial conditions.  The Percussor is a hand-held instrument that distributes waves of percussive impulses deep into the tissues of the body which promotes an increase in lymphatic flow and circulation.  Percussion also can be used to decrease muscle spasm, release joints, and to loosen up fixated areas without using heavy forces.
From migraines associated with chronic TMJ to persistent lower back pain, percussor therapy can significantly reduce chronic pain. Excessive tightening of muscles or even areas with scar tissue can cause overall stiffening of the muscles resulting in pain. Both of these conditions, tight muscles or scar tissue, can be alleviated through percussor therapy. For muscle pain, percussors rely on trigger point therapy to release the tightened muscles. They work by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions in the body's fascia which cause restricted motion or pain. Fascia is part of the connective tissue system that protects organs, bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels, while fascia in its non-stretchy form makes up tendons. Essentially fascia extends throughout the entire human body forming a protective barrier.

When it comes to muscle injury, the fascia contracts to protect the muscles from injury and causing surrounding muscles to take on the job of the injured muscle. The problem arises when these surrounding muscles are incapable of the performing the desired job and in trying to do so, your body strains what had become the helper muscle.

Fascia and bones are able to carry an electrical current which allows a percussor to break down the fascia that has constricted and formed knots. The percussor is successful even with older chronic pain ridden areas. The percussor releases vibrations which penetrate through the various fascia layers promoting muscles to relax and release latent lactic acid and allowing lymphatic drainage.