Can NeuroOptimal® Help Me?

NeurOptimal® is a fitness program for your brain! Our brain training program is designed to help your brain function and perform better. While we do not diagnose or treat any medical condition, NeurOptimal® may help people with the following:

• Depression/Anxiety
• Panic Attacks
• Learning Disabilities
• Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain
• Concussions/TBI
• Cognitive Losses
• MS/Parkinson’s/Dementia
• Migraines/Headaches
• Insomnia/Poor Sleep
• “Chemo Brain Fog”
• Stroke Recovery
• Bipolar Disorder
• ADD/ADHD (child/adult)
• Autism/Epilepsy/CP
• Over-Stress/Anger Issues
• Addiction recovery



People who come to us for help want something to change in their lives. They either have a specific health challenge or they simply want to be better. Often, our clients will notice:

• Increased Focus
• Less pain
• Happier/more content
• Emotional freedom
• Better sleep
• Better grades
• Increased memory/concentration
• Better balance & coordination
• Greater strength
• Less tension
• Increased job performance
• Excelling at a sport
• Spiritual growth
• Better self care
• Improved relationships
• Responding to life more effectively

How is NeurOptimal® Different?

NeurOptimal® is different from other neurofeedback techniques.

It does not tell the brain what or what not to do. It does not push or pull your brain in any particular direction.

NeurOptimal® is totally non-invasive & non-directive; it simply gives the brain information about what it has just done. The brain then uses this information to re-organize itself. The result is a more robust and flexible brain.

NeurOptimal® helps you be the best you can be!